1. Check in: 13.00. Check out 12.00
  2. Russian citizens must have a valid passport or similar document. Guests under 18 years of age, with a passport, must have a notarized letter from their parents allowing them to stay at the hostel by themselves.
  3. Foreign citizens must have a passport, migration card, and visa (if required) for registration.
  4. Check in before 13:00 may be possible if an empty spot is available.
  5. After check out guests may stay in the hostel to wait for their transportation until 22:00 (same day).
  6. Payment for the duration of the stay in the hostel must be completed at check in.
  7. You may expend your stay only if spots are available.
  8. Boomerang Hostel reserves the right to house anyone, regardless of age or sex, within mixed dorms.
  9. If you are checking in as a group, the responsibility for the behavior (as well as payment if applies) lies on the group leader.

Rules and Prohibitions

  1. Smoking is prohibited within the hostel.
  2. It is prohibited to distribute, store, or use alcoholic beverages and illegal drugs or substances. We will not house guests who are under the influence of any substance.
  3. Boomerang Hostel reserves the right to confiscate any alcoholic or narcotic substance from guests.
  4. Gambling is prohibited within the hostel.
  5. Disrupting the administration, guests, or hostel. Using loud or foul language. Insulting anyone or being racist.
  6. Quiet hours are from 23:00 to 09:00. Please talk quietly within the hostel and near and around windows outside.


  1. We recommend you store your valuable within the safes provided on the premises. The safes are free to use for guests.
  2. Boomerang Hostel is under 24 hour video surveillance.
  3. Boomerang Hostel is secured by security company OOO “Delta-Moscow”

General Rules

  1. You will be held responsible for any damage caused to Boomerang Hostel.
  2. The fine for losing or damaging the magnetic door key or safe key is 150 rubles.
  3. Boomerang Hostel is not responsible for any city services such as water, electricity, internet, etc.
  4. Please be courteous and respectful to your fellow travelers by being quiet within your rooms (if your neighbor is sleeping please whisper, turn off your cell phone, be quiet entering and leaving etc.)

Boomerang Hostel reserves the right to evict any guest for any reason without providing booking refunds!